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We encourage you all to take your linens to the next level! Not only should you consider color options that compliment your wedding, but think about textured linens as well. Sequins, lace overlay, striped runners, etc. are a great way to elevate your tables!

The most important thing is to avoid maintenance. Couple shots only last 30 minutes at the most so we want to maximize that time. Avoid carrying your dress, but rather have it bustled. Wear comfortable shoes (there’s nothing more distracting than sore feet!) and avoid make-up retouching. Trust us, your makeup lasts!

During getting ready, have the bouquets unwrapped and in the room with you so they can be photographed and are ready for portraits. Have a towel on hand to dry the stems before photos.

Block off the room so guests can’t enter. Guests love to claim their spot at their table right away. Don’t let them junk up your photos with jackets, purses, cameras, etc. You’ve spent a lot of money and time on these details and they deserve to be documented well.