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We want to be friends with you, to give you a big hug when we see you at our meeting, engagement session, & on your wedding day. We want to photograph your day candidly, unobtrusively, creatively, and without pretense. We want to be completely trusted. We want to let things unfold naturally, not orchestrating or posing along the way. But rather anticipating, seeing, and freezing that instant in time.

You want your day photographed candidly, capturing the laughter, tears, joy, excitement, anticipation, and the partaaay. You want to be encouraged & directed, not micro-posed. You want photos of the chef plating your dinner, the fast food run before the ceremony, the wedding party lined up in anticipation before walking down the aisle. Everything from your place cards, to the band, to your sister tearing up as you get into your dress. Everything. Most importantly, we want your photos to stand the test of time. We want you to be able to look back on them in 20 years and be able to relive the day. We want you to see the emotions you felt. Not the poses we put you in. We want you to feel a tug on your heart strings all over again. Not a twinge of guilt over the silly poses that were “oh so 2015!”



They say two heads are better than one, and we agree. We always shoot weddings as a two person team so we never miss a moment. When we’re not shooting weddings, you can catch us rocking out to Katy Perry, in your photo booth (um…I mean, shooting your reception), or eating donuts.


Hey I’m Jenny!

I grew up in the blistering cold of Minnesota before moving to Chicago for college to study photography. My husband, Tyler, and I met in school and call the Windy City home even though we live here in sunny So Cal. When I’m not shooting weddings, you can find me playing with my grouchy cat Charlie, at Disneyland with Tyler, planning my next trip, or eating plain old fashioned donuts.


Hey, I’m Melanie!

Born and raised in Southern California, I’m unusually pale for the amount of sun one would assume I’ve encountered. Growing up I was a total klutz, but I found my balance studying photography in college. When I’m not shooting weddings, you can find me watching Harry Potter, at a Dodgers game, or eating all the donuts.


Hey, I’m Abigail!

I’m originally from Boston, having grown up on the outskirts of the city before moving to Scotland to study photography. After living in San Francisco and New York, I settled in LA not to long ago with my husband, Kellen.  We just got married in Oct 2014 so I know firsthand what being a bride is like!  When I’m not shooting weddings, you can find me hiking, biking, or traveling.  I love living within an hour of the beach, desert, and forrest in LA! I also love doing arts and crafts and of course, eating honey glazed donuts.

Hey, I’m Amsi!

A native to Guatemala, I grew up here in Los Angeles and am studying Music Industry Studies at CSUN! I love all things music (I play the piano, sing, & write songs), backpacking though Europe, and spending time with family and friends. When I’m not running the Photo Booth, you can find me palling around with my Husky dog, Scotty, catching a movie, or eating all the donuts.

Hey, I’m Jenna!

Like much of the team, I grew up here in Southern California!  I recently married to my tattooed hunk, Andrew, in June 2014. When I’m not shooting weddings or in the studio, you can find me at a comedy show, nuzzling my pup, drinking coffee, or eating white cake donuts with frosting and sprinkles.

Hey, I’m Faith!

Born and raised in Southern California, I then moved up to Berkeley to study fine art.  I fell in love with all forms of art from print making, woodworking, etc. When I’m not in the studio editing your wedding, you can find me at the beach (trying to escape the heat of the Valley), at home covered in paint (always working on my next project) or eating chocolate glazed donuts with sprinkles.



We are a part of Flock Studios, a hand-picked awesome-sauce group of creatives located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. We promise the not so scenic drive will be worth it once you turn down the drive, park in our private lot, & step foot in our studio. We will have an array of beverages waiting for you (let’s pop some champagne!) & some super cool furnishings to make you comfy! Nestled behind a neon sign museum in Los Angeles, we can’t help but gather design inspiration from our surroundings. Email to schedule an appointment and visit us at our studio.



The best compliment we’ve ever gotten on a wedding day is from a mother-of-the-bride.  She was amazed that she had no idea where we were during the ceremony.  We’re wedding ninjas, on call when you need us and falling into the shadows when you don’t. And yes, we may tear up as you are introduced for the first time as husband and wife.  Watch to see!