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I had been hearing about Meisha and Chad for a year.  And then I finally got to meet Meisha and Chad last summer at Meghan and Josh’s wedding in Durham, North Carolina.  I am one of Meghan’s closest friends, and Meisha is Meghan’s best friend, so I knew she was going to be amazing.  And if Meisha is amazing, then Chad must be as well, right?  And he was.  It was so fun to hear all about Meisha and Chad from Meghan for a year before meeting them and I was certainly not disappointed when we finally got to spend the weekend together at Meghan and Josh’s wedding.  So of course I was thrilled to hear that Meisha wanted to hire me to come back to North Carolina for their wedding!

The weekend started with Krispy Kreme donuts in the park, a carousel ride, paddle boating, and a trip on a train for their rehearsal brunch.  The wedding day was spectacular.  Meisha and Chad picked some of the most fabulous venues in Raleigh for their wedding.  They chose to hold there ceremony at All Saints Chapel, an old church downtown with the cutest decor.  Hardwood floors, individual chairs, and a checkered entryway gave their ceremony photos such character.  I especially loved the subtle addition of the two wreathes.  Who knew baby’s breath could be so effective?  Then it was on to the Warehouse district for some wedding party photos before the party.  I loved how the bride’s maid’s dresses popped so well against the red brick of the area.  And Meisha’s blue shoes, too!  Then we walked over to Humble Pie Restaurant, where they held their wedding reception.  One of the couple’s favorite spots in the city, it made for the perfect wedding reception venue.  With such inherent character, they didn’t have to do much decorating.  And I’m glad they didn’t at either venue.  I think it would have been way too much.  I loved Humble Pie’s green checkered floor, market lights, colored lanterns, and the gorgeous light that poured in for the majority of the reception.  Meisha and Chad had a Jenga game as their guest book!  Guests could write words of wisdom or wedding day messages to the couple on the pieces!  What a clever idea!

Ultimately this was one of the best wedding parties I’ve every worked with.  Coming from all different parts of the country, these men and women clearly just love Meisha and Chad.  The officiant was shocked at how well they listened and how quickly they got through the rehearsal.  I was so amazed and how fun the photos were after the ceremony.  Everyone followed direction so well, and yet so perfectly formed a bubble of fun energy around Meisha and Chad.  They all clearly felt so honored to be in the wedding and love this couple so much.  And it’s not hard to see why.  Meisha and Chad are some of the goofiest, fun loving, mature, hospitable, humble people I know.  And they are all those things together.  Which makes their love so enviable!  And it makes it so fun to photograph.  Meisha and Chad, I seriously cannot express how much I loved being there for you guys for the beginning of your marriage.  For real.  Thank you for trusting me with your photography!  I am so honored!  Enjoy!

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